Wi-Fi Range ExtenderPro

2×2 External Antenna with Enhanced Wi-Fi Coverage 2*2External Antenna Easy cài đặt 300Mbps


Tired of Wi-Fi “dead zone”? ngươi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro can help you easily connect to lớn the network. Put the extender near the router, turn the power nguồn on & wait for the yellow indicator light khổng lồ start flashing. Scan the QR code to install the app and follow the instructions to showroom the device. When the indicator light turns blue, pairing is complete. Now you can simply unplug & plug the mày Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro in a location for the best signal unique and coverage in your house, without needing lớn configure the extender again.

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* Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro connects to your router wirelessly, strengthening & expanding its signal lớn every corner of the trang chủ – even khổng lồ those, hard-to-reach spots, such as bathrooms, balconies, bedrooms. This ensures an increased coverage of reliable & high-speed mạng internet for devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, trò chơi consoles and smart TVs.

Add Wi-Fi extenders to lớn vastly speed up your gasakymart.comng & movie-watching experience.The ngươi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro now comes with a 2×2 external antenna khổng lồ maintain a transsakymart.comssion rate of 300Mbps while also increasing signal stability.

Once connected with an existing router, you always get a reliable connection wherever you watch TV, catch up with the latest series or share happy memories with the kids via clip call.

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For the best results, mày Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro needs to be placed somewhere between the router và the dead zone & with a strong và stable router signal — you can check this through trang chủ app.
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