cut off one"s nose to spite one"s face

Idiom(s): cut off one"s nose lớn spite one"s faceTheme: HARMa phrase meaning that one harms oneself in trying to lớn punish another person. (The phrase is variable in form. Cảnh báo the examples.)• Billy loves the zoo, but he refused to go with his mother because he was mad at her. He cut off his nose lớn spite his face.• Find a better way to be angry. It is silly to lớn cut your nose off lớn spite your face.

cut off one"s nose lớn spite one"s face|cut|face|no

v. Phr. Lớn suffer from an kích hoạt intended originally to lớn harm another person. In walking out & leaving his employer in the lurch, John really cut off his nose khổng lồ spite his face, since no business wanted lớn hire him afterwards.

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cut off your nose to spite your face

make your problem worse, hurt yourself because you dislike yourself If you abuse drugs to lớn forget a problem, you are cutting off your nose lớn spite your face.


in despite of 1) in defiance of 2) in spite of

in spite of

in opposition to, despite In spite of the terrible weather we went lớn the beach for a picnic.

in spite of oneself

not withstanding one"s own efforts 尽管有所努力;情不自禁;不由自主地At the sight of his little sister dressed up for the play in the role of an old woman he laughed aloud in spite of himself.看到自己的小妹妹扮演剧中老太大的角色,他情不自禁地哈哈大笑起来。On hearing the news,the poor old man cried in spite of himself.听到这消息,这位可怜的老人不由自主地哭起来了。On hearing the joke, they all laughed in spite of themselves.听了这个笑话,他们全都情不自禁地笑了起来。

in spite of|spite

prep. Phr. Against the influence or effect of; in opposition to; defying the effect of; despite. In spite of the bad storm John delivered his papers on time. In spite of all their differences, Joan and Ann remain friends.

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see in spite of.

out of spite

Done because of one"s own spiteful, vengeful, or malicious feelings or intentions. The disgruntled postal worker stole hundreds of people"s private letters after being fired and began posting them online out of spite. The judge và I had an argument a few years ago, so I think she"s overruling my objections today just out of spite.Learn more: of, out, spite

out of spite

with the desire to lớn harm someone or something. Jane told some evil gossip about Bill out of spite. That was not an accident! You did it out of spite.Learn more: of, out, spiteLearn more:

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