Join us in congratulating this year's grant recipients as we celebrate our ninth year of School Crashers. The selection committee carefully considered 158 nominations. Thank you khổng lồ everyone who took time to giới thiệu their stories. Click below to lớn view our 2022 schools who will receive school improvement grants.

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Give back when you shop—at no cost khổng lồ you! When you shop on AmazonSmile, select the Georgia United Foundationas your preferred charity & each time you make an eligible purchase, 0.5% will be donated lớn the Georgia United Foundation. Donations will be used to support causes and programs that help strengthen our local communities.

The Georgia United Foundation is committed khổng lồ improving the chất lượng of life for children and families in the communities we serve.By making a financial contribution towards our foundation, you are directly impacting the programs that benefit our local communities likeScholarships, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, Wish Tree, Can Hunger & School Crashers. Your contribution can also help award grants khổng lồ qualifying nonprofits whose missions align with the mission of the Georgia United Foundation.



The Georgia United Foundation takes great pride in being active in our local communities và believes that giving back is not only the right way — but the only way.
The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation values the partnership of Georgia United Credit Union. Your tư vấn plays a vital role in our efforts to promote financial education initiatives, offer scholarships & grants khổng lồ assist credit union employees with the training they need khổng lồ achieve professional excellence, provide financial relief for credit union staff and volunteers when disaster strikes, and tư vấn credit unions in achieving their own community development objectives. Words alone can’t express how appreciative we are!
Because of the funding provided by the Georgia United Credit Union Foundation, combined with additional grant money from another donor, we will now be able to showroom security systems to our Gordon & Murray County Club locations. We appreciate your partnership and generosity!
Thank you so much for supporting our mission lớn help the homeless và families. We truly appreciate you.
I'm so appreciative of the "mission in action" behind the staff at Georgia United Credit Union. The staff at Georgia United are a living embodiment of giving back to the community & for that, the Y is truly grateful. Your gift of dollars & time has a big impact for many in our community's mind, body, và spirit.
Thank you so much for this grant. It will really go a long way to help us provide meals to the children in our community.

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We rely on tư vấn from community partners lượt thích Georgia United Credit Union. With their funding, we will serve so many families during these trying times. Filling basic needs, like diapers, for families makes such a difference. Collaborations và partners are what help make our communities stronger.