To the Roots

Vietnam Sturgeon Group is proud to be the first to present Black Caviar to Vietnam market with the brand name : “Caviar de Đuc”.

We make a simple combination of Sturgeon roe and salt become a symbol of style and perfection. A melting nutty flavor of our Imperial Osetra caviar will bring you unforgettable moments, a feeling of being special and unique.
The secret of Caviar de Đuc goes deep inside the rootsof its origins. In order to create a significant Caviar, “passion” is a MUST. A carrying hand of our workers follows every step of the Sturgeon’s life.

From the first and the most fragile days of the fish, we create perfect conditions for it in the lakes with natural water flow, planktons, sunlight and wind. We clearly understand that only in this habitat our Sturgeons can be healthy and feel like home, only this way each of us will be able to taste the power of nature in each grain of Caviar de Đuc.